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Welcome to the Your Virtual Upline podcast hosted by Bob Heilig. This weekly podcast will give you the mindset, strategies, and skills you need to build the network marketing business and life of your dreams. Each week Bob takes a deep dive into topics like leadership, social media, prospecting, recruiting, and so much more! Bob is the founder of ‘The Legacy Leader Movement’, a totally new approach to building a network marketing business. The core values that guide his work, and the messages on this podcast are - faith, love, service, and growth. Join us each week and discover how to tap into the power of this purpose-driven approach to building your business!
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Oct 9, 2019

There are 3 different identities you must adopt in order to become massively successful in your network marketing business.

Your value in life isn’t in the things that you do; it’s in who you are

I have to admit, I had my own challenges when beginning my network marketing team. However, the concept of identity led me to the single greatest ‘aha moment’ of my career.

Here is the problem that most of us have: our identities (how we see ourselves) limit our results.

Our day is dominated by negative thoughts, stories, and beliefs that limiting us. But I want you to understand that success is not a matter of doing; it’s a matter of being.

So here are 3 Identities needed for network marketing success.

First, understand that you are a BUSINESS OWNER. I’ve seen a lot of people work on their business when they feel like it, when it’s convenient, or when they feel motivated.  And this is a very dangerous place to be. So beginning today, I want you to start thinking like a business owner. Start treating it like a real business. Identify the characteristics of a successful business owner and start living by them today.

The second Identity is a NETWORK MARKETER. If you want to become successful in this profession, you don’t ‘do network marketing.’  Nope! You must become a network marketer. The key is to shift from a saleman’s mindset to a service mindset. Your business can make you tons of money, but that money and success is only as good as what you do with it to help others.

Last, you are a LEADER. Most of us have impostor’s syndrome.  We’re so worried people will find out that ‘we don’t know everything’ that we don’t even start.  These are simply limiting beliefs about ourselves when it comes to leadership. So here is my advice, stop focusing on what you don’t have and haven’t done yet.  Instead, start showing some appreciation for the things you have done, and what you have already in your life. You don’t need to have a team to be a leader. You only need to begin by leading the most important person – YOURSELF.

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Sep 24, 2019

Today I’m answering YOUR listener-submitted questions!

You’ll often hear that owning your own business can be a very lonely endeavor, even when you have downline, uplines, and sidelines like in network marketing.

However, what you need to know is that the problems you have are the same problems so many others are experiencing as well!  Which is why I’m excited to release our very first podcast answering YOUR submitted questions!

Last week, Sarah, Tiara, Jessica, and Sarah submitted questions to me about issues they are personally facing in their network marketing businesses, and in this episode I go through them one-by-one.

06:29   Question #1 (Sarah) – How do I keep myself ‘unstuck?’  If you have been inconsistent for a really long time in your business, where do you even begin to build consistency, be an example to your team, and get the momentum going?

17:04   Question #2 (Tiara) – I’m a runner.  But, how do you change the speed and momentum of your team?  How do you adjust your expectations of other people who aren’t like you?

28:12   Question #3 (Jessica) – I want to cast vision and think BIG, but when I think about who I need to be in order to make that happen, it’s threatening my current identity BIG TIME.  How do I change my identity and shift into that person that I need to be?

39:42   Question #4 (Sarah) - How are you supposed to see yourself running a million-dollar company when you are so far in debt?   How can you truly believe that one day you’ll be able to retire your husband and spend every day together as a family when I barely ever get to see them now as it is?

To submit your own question to Bob, please visit

To learn more about my leadership development academy, visit Enrollment is opening in October.

Sep 17, 2019

Are you frustrated with team members who don’t take any action on their monthly goals?  Or how about team members who don’t even have monthly goals in the first place?  How can YOU, as the team leader, set and achieve goals based on relying on other people taking action? 

Today I’ll be sharing with you leadership & team building strategies to help you close out a month strong with momentum and excitement to help you crush your goals. It’s a very different way to approach the topic of goal setting and working with your teams.

You don’t hit big goals in your business by trying to be everything to everyone

There are actually two parts to reaching a goal: 1) the setting of the goal, and 2) the action that takes place to meet the set goal.  But, how do you work with people who have not ‘owned it” and stated, “This is my goal for the month!”?

Effective goal setting and achievement is all about driving production and learning how to really motivate your people to action. And as leaders, we need to learn that owning a business with a ‘voluntary army’ of team members means we have to learn WHO and HOW to influence people on our team.  Influence is leadership!

And this is where I see a lot of team leaders struggle.  Most of your team members probably don’t even know how to set big goals and that these goals are, in fact, achievable. And instead of being a servant leader and working with the team members to help them define and achieve their own goals, we end being a “SELF-SERVING” leader, asking team members to contribute towards a ‘team goal.’ 

So many of us (myself included at one point), miss out on the concept of Legacy Leadership. Legacy Leaders understand that a personal goal means nothing unless it’s based on the solid foundation of helping other people succeed on their team and achieve their goals.

In this episode, I am going to share exactly how to reach your month-end goals through servant leadership, how to effectively set goals, and how to implement an action plan for hitting your goals in your team that puts your team first…but still allows you to crush your month-end goals in the process!

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Sep 13, 2019

Knowing how to ‘think big’ is one of the most important skills you will ever learn in your life. Today we are going to talk about the magic of thinking big and how mastering this skillset transformed my business and TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE.

Greatness is believing in a dream for your life far beyond your current circumstances

Thinking big and developing a compelling vision for your life is an extremely important job as a leader. And if you own a business, then you ARE a leader!

Casting a vision for your life and how others’ lives can be is the starting point to being a great leader. Great leaders learn how to paint a vision for the future for themselves and their teams that inspires them to move into action!

However, the reason why most people are stuck and lack passion in either their business or life is because they lack vision. And I have to admit one of my own personal struggles was always using my past to determine what my future was going to look like.

But here’s what I want you to understand, your past or current circumstances have NOTHING to do with your future!

So join me in this episode as I share the magic of thinking big and the steps on how to create your own big vision for your future!


Episode 114 - How to Change Your Negative Thoughts

Episode 90 - Mastering Your Money Mindset

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Sep 3, 2019

Cassie, Chelsea, and Haley share their struggles and negative thinking experiences in the business, and I provide 1-on-1 personal coaching for each one of them.

Overcoming negative thinking is the most important thing you must do if you want to create breakthrough in your business.  My Transformation Formula guides you through exactly how to take a negative thought, reposition it inside your head, and create a positive, productive, forward-moving thought in its place. 

It is our thoughts, not the circumstances, around us that actually creates our results

Podcast guests - Cassie, Chelsea and Haley - share their own experiences in one of the biggest challenges for leaders – NEGATIVE THINKING – and I coach them through exactly how to take a negative thought and turn it into a thought that is positive and action-producing. 

In session #1, Cassie shares her struggles with second guessing and doubting herself in all areas of her life and how to deal with inconsistencies and overwhelm.

In session #2, Chelsea and I talk about her need to control all of the outcomes in her business, her distorted view of her own success, and her strong faith and passion for missions.

And in Session #3, Haley shares her struggles with enjoying the journey of building her network marketing business, finding joy in the moment, and how her strong personal relationships hinder her role as a leader.

Cassie, Chelsea, and Haley share their struggles and negative thinking experiences in the business and my personal coaching for each one of them.

Aug 27, 2019

There are three simple steps to implementing any kind of new system or change into your business and into your team.

You will never scale your business beyond yourself without the proper systems

Let’s all admit it - most of us are into network marketing because we want a business that gives us FREEDOM.

However, as I look around our industry, I see a lot of network marketers who are NOT experiencing the freedom they crave. 

Here’s the reality that a lot of ‘successful’ network marketing leaders don’t understand: If your business doesn’t run WITHOUT YOU, it’s not a business.  It’s a JOB.

I want you to know that you don’t need to be the ‘center of the universe’ on your team. In fact, I give you permission to purposely NOT be the ‘center of the universe’ on your team!

However, in order for you to grow a business that doesn’t 100% depend on you, you must develop leaders in your downline.  And to develop these leaders, you need a proper system in place to identify them and train them to step in and do what you do.

And so today, I am going to talk about why you need systems to scale your business, how it can develop the people in your team, the three steps for implementing new systems in your business, and the right attitude you need to have when implementing these changes.

Need help with figuring out and implementing systems for your business? Make sure to visit

Aug 19, 2019

This episode is part 2 of a 2-episode series where we really dive into the subject fear plays in building a successful business. In part 1 we talked about what fear actually is and how you can actually change your thoughts actually perpetuate and feed that fear. If you haven’t listened to part 1, episode 111, see the link to it below!

In this pod episode, we dig farther into how exactly fear can be used to actually BUILD your business and how to adopting a healthier attitude towards failure is the key to unlocking success in your business and in your life.

The only way to get ‘unstuck’ in your business is to adopt a new mindset about failure

It is ingrained in us during childhood that failure is a horribly bad thing to avoid. We also think that two paths exist: one is a path towards success and the other is a path that leads us to failure.

However, the reality is that only ONE PATH EXISTS! Success and Failure are merely different steps or stages along the same path! You literally have to fail your way to success every single day. Failure is unavoidable on your way to success! We must shift our mindsets to understand this and accept it so that as we do meet failure during our journey, we can mentally check it off as a step in the process and move on!

Join me in this episode as I talk about my personal experience with failure, the biggest shift I had to make when it comes to failure, how to adopt a new mindset to the ‘NO’s’ in your business, and my action plans for you to increase your failure threshold.

Mentioned: episode 111

Aug 6, 2019

In this podcast episode, we dive into a topic that I believe everyone can relate to which is how to overcome your fear of prospecting. I am going to give you a totally different way to look at fear and what I wish I would have known when I first started in network marketing.

The goal is not to eliminate FEAR… it is to build your FAITH

As humans we start off free from fear.  My son, Greyson, proves this!  He is a maniac and fearless in how he lives his life and what he’s willing to try each day. 

However, over time, as humans, we start to develop a fear that resides deep inside of us. 

When I started my own first network marketing business, I was so excited at first!....until I had to make that first phone call!  Then the fear stepped in!  In fact, I, Bob Heilig, hated prospecting at first! 

Oftentimes, we wind up clinging to our fears because we want to be certain and be in control.

We can call fear different things, but I want you to understand that no matter the term you use, they are all the same.  And the solution to overcome every single type of fear is the same as well.

You need to know this - the solution is not eliminating fear; it is building up your faith.

To be successful in your business, you must break the habitual pattern of negative thinking that you’ve created in your life.  This way of thinking has created your current results!

You must be able to interpret the things you are scared of – the ‘no’s,’ the rejections, the lack of responses from people you respect – in a different way than your current emotions are allowing.

And so, in this episode, let’s dig a bit deeper on what exactly fear is, exactly why we love to cling to our fears, but also what you need to consciously and intentionally see to overcome fear’s grip on your life and your business. 


Mentioned: EPISODE 73

Jul 30, 2019

Today, I am joined by Jasmine Star, photographer, entrepreneur, and Instagram expert. In this episode, Jasmine and I talk about Instagram Stories, how to effectively use it in your network marketing business, and the best practices you can implement in your own business.

We are not using Instagram Stories to sell… we use it to build our personal brands

Facebook has been monumental in changing the way we do business in network marketing.

However, Instagram has become the most highly effective and fastest growing platform today in the social media world.

And many network marketers are taking advantage of it!

Instagram, with its focus on pictures and the telling of stories, allows your customers and prospects to connect and engage with you professionally and personally in ways not possible on other social media platforms.

In this episode, Jasmine and I focuses on Instagram Stories, why it is so great, why you should use it, and how to use it effectively in building your brand.

We talk about how to actually create an effective Instagram Story, and Jasmine provides us with the best practices that we can implement in our network marketing business.

And be ready!  Because as have an action plan for you at the end of this episode to help you implement Instagram Stories into your own social media plan for growing your business! 

Jul 8, 2019

My leadership training program, the Legacy Leadership Academy, will be opening for new members soon! To join the waitlist and be the first to know when the doors open, go to: Also, join my FREE summer recruiting challenge, the Revive Your Down Line Challenge 2.0, is starting this July 15th. Join me at


As a leader, you must understand the importance of focusing on BOTH new acquisition as well as retention on your team. If you focus on retention of current team members too much, your team will eventually become stagnant. If you focus on personal recruiting too much, you’ll wind up building a team without any strong independent leaders and get stuck on the treadmill.

So today, I am going to share my number one strategy for increasing retention on your network marketing team.

Leaders must understand the importance of focusing on BOTH new acquisition and retention while building their teams

Without a doubt, retention is a big problem for most network marketers. Some days it feels like your team is a leaky bucket – you’re losing team members just as quickly as you’re signing on new ones!

However, retention is the key to unlocking long-term residual income and the eventual freedom that you so crave through your network marketing company! So, as a leader, you must understand the importance of focusing on BOTH acquisition and retention.

Join me in this episode as I share with you the concept of ‘the retention point,’ my number one strategy on how to retain people in your team, and the three things that leaders do differently while training new team members that result in higher, long-term retention.

Jul 1, 2019

I truly believe that there is a fundamental shift happening inside the network marketing industry.  Just a few weeks ago, I hosted some of the best and brightest in network marketing for three days at my live event, the Impact + Growth Summit, and during my keynote, I spoke in depth about how network marketing, as the world has come to know it, is coming to an end.

The people that were sitting in front of me in the audience represented a new generation of network marketers who are doing things differently.  They are not ‘out for the next quick sale’ or to ‘get someone.’ 

Instead, these like-minded servant leaders are building their businesses from a place of abundance.  They are out to change the world, one person at a time, and create their own movement in the process.

The solution to scarcity is not abundance, but building your business through legacy leadership.

I truly believe that the ‘scarcity mindset’ that so many network marketers operate from is one of the biggest issues in our industry today.  However, we as individuals must begin knowing that you have a mission and responsibility to build your network marketing business from a mindset of abundance. 

So, listen up and discover why you are here for a bigger purpose, the power of knowing your self-worth, and why we need to pursue legacy leadership as network marketers.

Jun 18, 2019

Let’s take a moment and talk about the idea of inconsistency and why so many network marketers struggle with consistency in their business.

The struggle in taking consistent action is coming from a place of unworthiness

I personally believe that if you struggle with consistency in your business it is actually because you have limiting beliefs about yourself.

Your problem is NOT lack of time, or your spouse isn’t supportive, or the kids won’t give you 5 minutes to get your daily work done, or even that your job exhausts you! Nope! Inconsistency in your business actually is born out of issues of your own personal worthiness.

There are two types of people that experience inconsistency in their business.

The first type of person only struggles with consistency from time-to-time. Their business and productivity has highs and lows.

The second type of person finds consistency a constant and daily struggle.

Join me as I talk more about the role of identity and worthiness and how they impact the success of your business.

I also share different action plans that you can implement to overcome your own inconsistencies in your business.

Jun 13, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I was honored with the privilege of being the first-ever male guest on a podcast called Often Ambitious. In this bonus episode, you’ll get a chance to hear this interview.

Often Ambitious is run by Erika Sheffer and Lindsey Plevyak, two amazing members in our Legacy Leadership Academy community. Erika and Lindsey are incredible leaders in their community who truly embody everything that being a Legacy Leader is all about.

Everything changed when I stopped focusing on making money and started focusing on impacting and serving others  

Network marketing is not always easy. Although social media may display a never-ending highlight reel of wins, almost anyone who is the beginning stages of their network marketing journey will tell you that there has been some really tough times.

I’m excited to share with you my personal story of the beginning of my career in Network Marketing, including the low moments, challenges faced, and the values that guided me out of it all.

We talk about some of the most common issues network marketers face such as the scarcity mindset, perfectionism, and inconsistency. Although tackling these problems can be difficult, adapting a Legacy Leadership mindset can help change the course of your business and your life.

Join us in this bonus episode and learn more about the impact of mindset, consistency and legacy leadership.

Subscribe to Erika & Lindsey’s podcast, Often Ambitious, here:

Jun 4, 2019

Today, Lindsay Matway, a 28-Star Diamond Beachbody coach, lifestyle coach, fitness and beauty MOMtrepreneur joins me to share her how she personally used her pain to develop her platform and how surrendering to God’s calling is how she found the strength to build an extremely successful business. 

Operating the business from purpose gives me joy that I can't get from financial or recognition

Growing up with alcoholic parents, her oldest daughter born prematurely, drowning in medical bills, and going through bankruptcy, Lindsay Matway is no stranger to pain in life.  But, instead of drowning in her despair, this upbeat mother of 3 and business owner uses the bad times she went through as the bridge to build connections and to emotionally relate with people. 

Today, she shares her personal journey into network marketing and how it became a vehicle to fulfill her God-given purpose.  She talks about how she transformed her life through her business and went from being broke to complete freedom, and through it all, using her values and faith in God as her compass for how to conduct and grow her organization.

Lindsay shares key takeaways on how to overcome the fear of failing publicly, which most network marketers’ experience at some point. Also, we have an awesome conversation about making the choice between the victim or victor.  In her words, ‘When I honor and know who is in control and stay committed to my journey no matter the bumps along the way, that’s when I rise up.’

Stay tuned as we have a peek inside Lindsay’s fitness story and how surrendering to God’s calling in her business changed her life.  


Episode Quotes

"I wanted to create a legacy.  Something that I could hand down to my daughter." 

“Who are you to decide which vehicle God is giving you to create a new path that will lead you to the life you want to give her.  Who are you to decide if someone is going to decide to join this business with you and actually have their lives changed.  Humble yourself a bit.  Do this and go all in.  What’s the worst that can happen?”

"Network marketing is a vehicle for us to live out the God given purpose for our life" – Bob

“God, use my story to be something more than just a sad story!”

“When I honor and know who is in control and stay committed to my journey no matter the bumps along the way, that’s when I rise up.”

"Because I am aligned with my purpose, and my heart is good, and the product works, I was the most joy-filled I had ever experienced in my entire life."

"Your circumstances are not going to change overnight, but the story you can tell yourself and to others can."

"The moment that you change your thinking in your story, you are already creating a better future for yourself." - Bob

"The cool thing about this business is we are forced to grow so much in every area of our life."

"Stop being this victim and start adding value to yourself."

"It is about how I can use my fear to be able to share my stuff into the world and empower others."

"When you're operating from purpose it goes from things that you have to do to things that you get to do." - Bob

"God doesn't gives us what we want. He gives us what we need." - Bob

"When I started living not just with a business but with a purpose, there is a joy that I can't get from financial or recognition."


Listen to Learn 

00:37   Getting to know Lindsay Matway - personal life and P90X journey

07:50   Lindsay's network marketing journey - how it all started?

13:33   Network Marketing: A vehicle to fulfill your God given purpose

22:59   Advice and tips for people going through the fitness journey/business

27:03   Learning and growing yourself in order to serve                 

28:43   Key things to overcome FEAR and FAILURE - the fear of failing publicly

34:09   The importance of vulnerability and authenticity

37:32   Operating from purpose and service, knowing your truth and who you are

41:40   Network marketing is character development

44:15   Impact of aligning your faith to your network marketing business

51:48   Lindsay's social media and website links

Apr 16, 2019

Today’s special podcast guest is none other than Chalene Johnson!

A global expert on both health and entrepreneurialism, Chalene joins me to talk about a subject I’ve never explored before on the YVU podcast – how your health affects the bottom line of your business.

Your health – how you feel, how you look, and your health mindset – affects your business mindset, how you make decisions, and how you ‘put yourself out there.’

Your health -  whether it’s in body, spirit, relationships, or finances -  builds confidence.

My mission has always been how can I help people get healthy - financially, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Chalene talks about her own health scare, how she was ashamed at first because of her standing in the health community, and how she eventually decided that her personal health scare had to be shared with others.

Her journey to get her health back became her message to her community, including her new book, “131 Method”, which delivers the personalized solution to wellness, hormone balance, and permanent weight loss that she personally used to get her personal health back.

Chalene also shares how her personal faith intersects with her business, and how she builds her business founded in the same principles that are founded in her faith. 

Although in business we’ve traditionally been told not to mix faith and business together, when it comes to being your authentic self, Chalene and I chat about how it is important to her to let your tribe know about your beliefs, including your faith. 


Episode Quotes

"My mission has always been how can I help people get healthy - financially, physically, mentally, spiritually."

"Developing the framework was even bigger than purpose, it was responsibility."

"Not every area of your life is going to have equal amount of attention but you can feel balanced. I call it PEACE." 

"There is a difference between hearing information and applying it and that boils down to mindset."

"When you change your diet the way that you're supposed to then you've experienced freedom from food rules."

"Understand that nutrition can fix just about every major disease you can think of."

"The body will tell us what we want and what we don't want if we will actually listen to it."

"Diets do work! What doesn't work is the long term maintenance."

"Entrepreneurs don't understand how powerful their nutrition and lifestyle has an impact on their bottom line." 

"We are most attracted to people with confidence; and confidence comes when we know what we're doing and we feel really good physically." 

"Your health is not exercise and nutrition alone."

"The degree of being authentic depends on how you value yourself."

"Work is so much more enjoyable when you can totally be yourself and not worry about it."

"Sharing my faith solidified the relationship that we’ve had with our audience that is also strong in that area." - Bob

"The most ruthless, mean and close-minded emails I’ve ever received are from fellow Christians."


Listen to Learn

00:45               Your Virtual Upline podcast story - How it all started?       

02:25               Introducing Chalene Johnson - health and lifestyle expert

04:13               Chalene's mission

08:36               Chalene's health story - pivotal point to becoming a health expert

15:08               Developing the health and nutrition framework (The 131 Method)

18:49               Everything happens for a reason, PEACE over BALANCE

22:03               The social media battle

23:28               Fundamental things to start with - mindset & objective

26:22               Overview about phases of dieting

31:40               A peek of what's inside The 131 Method program

38:12               Importance of health, nutrition and lifestyle to entrepreneurs

43:12               Date of book release and website link         

44:03               JUST BE YOURSELF - the power of showing up in an authentic way online

53:21               Chalene's take about being outspoken of your faith in your business

01:01:23         End notes, website and social media links   

Apr 2, 2019

The most radical thing is walking on your own unique path - “Choose purpose over perfect”

In this episode, Lara shares that her personal faith in God grew while starting a garden and building her business, “Southern Weddings.”

Her personal passion for growing things – both plants and a business – taught her to exchange her fears for faith.  She founded ‘Cultivate What Matters’ that helps women set cultivated goals, cultivate faith and grow their marriages.

Lara and I talk about the trappings of chasing success and about saying ‘no’ to some areas of life so that we can go ‘all in’ to other areas of your life that God has called you to. 

Lara coaches her fellow businesswomen to “choose purpose over perfect.” She wants women to build faith-filled and purpose-driven businesses, all while walking the unique path that God has created for you.  As Lara says, “Our purpose is not tied to our title.  Our worth is really about WHOSE we are.”


Episode Quotes

"My faith allowed me to have this insatiable desire for growing and tending things."

"Passion is sacrifice... it is the thing that you're so fired up about that you are willing to sacrifice for it."

"There is a FEAR that is about respecting something that tends to take control over us."

"It is a neat thing to take a risk and do a leap of faith."

"Sometimes success is actually the thing that distracts us most from making us successful."

"When we focus too much on the success and not on the efforts and the WHY then we lose sight of success."

"If you are not refueling yourself at the well then you can't fill anybody else."

"The most radical thing we can do is to walk our own unique path."

"I started to grow an authentic relationship with the Lord and gave up the identity that I'm stuck in."

"Your work is something that you do, not your purpose. Your purpose doesn't go to work; it goes to love."

"Our purpose is not tied to our title. Our worth is really about Whose we are."

"Doing business as ministry is not about sharing Bible verses all the time."

"Helping people is worth far more than your doubts."


Listen to Learn

00:01   Episode Intro

04:30   Getting to know Lara Casey - faith, works and business

11:32   Exchanging FEAR for FAITH, Lara's pumpkin story

19:10   The trappings of chasing success

24:17   Avoiding burn out - importance of creating boundaries

28:05   What does "choose purpose over perfect" mean?

34:07   Lara's success story - relationship and business

36:05   Your work is not your purpose

48:16   Lara's Cultivate What Matters - goals and core values

47:13   "Helping people is worth far more than your doubts"         

50:00   Lara's books and website links

50:30   End notes

Mar 19, 2019

I have a Public Service Announcement for the entire network marketing industry:

STOP the copy and paste prospecting method!  It is KILLING our industry!

Spamming prospects with copy/paste, yucky language is not only killing our industry, it is also killing your own teambuilding results as well!

It is essential that each of us knows the correct way to message our prospects. 

Unfortunately, most network marketers, because of using the spammy and unwelcome copy/paste method of reaching out to people, our industry is tainting people’s perception of us as individuals and the entire network marketing industry. 

Personally speaking, I myself have received the spammiest message!

And this is not to put anybody down, some uplines teach their team to do it this way, but this is a call to all network marketers – STOP the copy and paste prospecting method immediately!

So, listen up as I share the 10 spammiest messages I got and the solutions to each of them for you to create a more effective prospecting message.


Episode Quotes

"The copy and paste prospecting method taints people's perception about network marketing. It's killing the industry."

"Never send a link to anything in your first reach out message."

"People don't look down on network marketing, they look down on network marketers."

"Do not ask people to join you before even knowing them."

"It is not about you. It is about your prospect."


Listen to Learn

00:01   Episode Intro, Public service announcement

05:06   STOP the copy and paste prospecting method, 10 spammiest message that I got

11:47   Message #1 - Sending links in your initial message and hyping up opportunities

15:06   Message #2 - Going for the kill in your first message

17:03   Message #3 - Copy and paste call to action

19:39   Message #4 - Asking people to join you before knowing them      

21:41   Message #5 - The initiation

22:10   Message #6 & #7 - The Illuminati message

25:19   Message #8 - It is not about you

26:35   Message #9 - Inauthencity

27:19   Message #10 - You can't make this stuff up

32:44   Share this message and be a winner

35:02   Update about the landing page (

Do you want to know the right way to prospect on social media?  Visit and get my social media script guide!

Mar 5, 2019

Today I have a very special episode for you!  Preston Prugmire, a life coach and host of the “Next Level Life” podcast, joins me to talk about the deep inner work of mindset transformation and moving away from a victim mentality in our life and business. 

Mindset is more important than strategy when it comes to success as an entrepreneur

Most network marketers have the issue we call “victim mentality.” 

But what happens when we look at every single aspect of our life and say, “I’m no longer going to be a victim in my business.  I am no longer going to be a victim in my marriage.  I am no longer going to be a victim to my finances.” 

We often focus on the gaps that exist in achieving success.  We look for what we accuse.  What we can embrace as an excuse for NOT being successful in an area of life. 

We always think that we’re missing some strategy or quick fix that will actually create the success we crave.  However, what’s really holding us back is the fact that we embrace these excuses that allow us to be a victim in the first place!

Once we shift our mindset and not seek these excuses, we win the battle!  The strategy, tactic, action, or method will come along.  But, it’s the mindset shift that is the most important component in achievement!

So stay tuned as we’re going to discuss more about mindset transformation, surrender and success, and some very powerful insights from Preston about the issues of victim mentality.

Episode Quotes

"Mindset is more important than strategy when it comes to success as an entrepreneur."

"If you have the right mindset that your goals are inevitable then the path becomes less important."

"Take a breath and have some compassion for yourself."

"You need to hate your situation in order to get out of it."

"Gratitude is the gateway drug to joy."

"Surrendering is detaching my value from the outcome... and then I am not attached to the success or the failure."

"Success is the person you become along the way to your success."

"Whatever you are experiencing right now is a direct result of your past thinking."

"There is uncertainty in being a conscious creator, but there can be certainty within the creation."

Listen to Learn

00:01   Episode Intro, updates about the Impact & Growth Summit

04:49   Getting to know Preston Prugmire (family and career)

09:36   What are the things that kept you going during the early stages?

15:34   Preston's definition of surrender, being in partnership with God's plan

21:01   Redefining the meaning of SUCCESS

26:54   Steps in changing and achieving success, focusing on the wins rather on the gaps

36:41   Having full accountability in your life

38:13   The victim mentality, mindset transformation

44:20   "Victimhood gives us certainty"

45:24   Preston's challenge for your social media

50:46   End notes, announcements

53:27   Connect with Preston - links, podcast, social media

Preston will be speaking at my 2019 LIVE event, the Impact & Growth Summit. Join me live by visiting

Feb 15, 2019

Can you believe it?!!

We have made it to my 100th episode of the Your Virtual Upline podcast!

I cannot thank each and every one of you for taking this journey with me!  Together, we have impacted people’s lives and the entire network marketing industry!

This podcast episode is a bit contrary to what most in the network marketing both believe and promote. 

Brace yourself…

Massive action does not work for 92% of people.

Now I’m not saying that working hard, with both action and urgency, isn’t a great thing!

But, when most people talk about massive action, they are ONLY talking about the action and the urgency.  They miss a very important and critical piece, and that is also establishing IDENTITY.

“Take more and more action,” they say!  “Massive action is always the solution to your problem,” they say!

However, success is not JUST a matter of doing, but also a matter of BEING. 

Whatever external results you have right now is just a reflection of your internal environment – your identity.

Here’s the action plan I lay out for you:

Instead of practicing the “Have-Do-Be” formula, you need to start doing the “Be-Do-Have.”

And I’m going to be with you in that process each step of the way!

My Legacy Leadership Academy is now open for a limited time, and I’ve created a Leadership Accelerator program for my new members!

See more information at

Episode Quotes

"Don't get me wrong that working hard isn't important, but there is a critical missing piece that many leaders missed."

"Your external environment will always be a reflection of your internal environment."

"You are never going to achieve your goals unless you first dig in to your identity."

"The conscious mind is the goal setter, but the subconscious mind is the goal getter."

"Success isn't a matter of doing, it's a matter of being."

"You can't change your life. Change your habits and your habits change your life."

Listen to Learn

00:04   Episode Intro

01:15   Celebrating the 100th episode... Thank you so much!

04:50   The hard truth about taking massive action

06:25   Many leaders are missing a critical piece

09:59   Why massive action does not work for 90% of people?

12:12   Importance of "identity"

15:51   Bob's personal "massive action doesn't work" story

18:35   Action plan for success (Be-Do-Have)

21:33   How values and habits can change your life

24:00   Legacy Leadership Academy is now open

25:26   The exciting Accelerator Program if you enroll now

Hurry! Legacy Leadership Academy is now open for new members. Enroll here:  

Feb 4, 2019

Do either of these situations sound familiar?

  1. You can get customers easily, but you just can’t seem to sign any business partners and actually build a team.
  2. Or, you can recruit, but no one on your team ever sees any level of success. 

If you’ve said a resounding “Yes, that’s me!” to either of the above, then I’m here to tell you your problem – you’re talking WAY too much!

You know everything about the product and the compensation plan!  And you’re more than happy to share all of those details!

You are stuck in the trap that a lot of network marketers get into – you’ve made yourself the expert.

And your prospects or team members CANNOT or DO NOT WANT to duplicate what you’re doing.  They do not see themselves as ever ‘being the expert’ like you are. 


When Prospecting, the Less that You Say, the More You Make

I want you to understand this: the ‘training process’ for your new recruits starts the moment you open your mouth to them.

And the question that’s stuck in their mind is, “Can I do this?”

So as the leader, in order to demonstrate the SIMPLICITY of your business and able to duplicate it in your team, you must start TALKING LESS.

Once your prospects or team members see that they are simply sharing information in the form of third party tools (videos, recorded calls, etc), they are more likely to move forward because they see that they do not have to be ‘the expert’ like you!

Being ‘The Expert’ actually is killing your chance of building a successful and energetic team! 

If you would like more strategies and tips like the above on how to begin recruiting and team-building like a pro, join me in my “Revive Your Downline” Recruiting Challenge that begins on February 11th by clicking this link:


Episode Quotes

"The training process for your new people starts the moment you open your mouth to them."

"People don't do what you say, they do what they see you do."

"When prospecting, the less that you say, the more you make."


Listen to Learn

00:02   Episode Intro

02:02   The biggest mistake that kills your chances of building a team

05:16   Why your customers don't want to share your product?

08:05   The two steps approach in recruiting and building a team

11:10   Third party tools when sharing your products

13:07   "Don't be the expert", The "expert" trap 

16:12   My action plan for you

17:51   How to register for the Recruiting Challenge


Register for the challenge at

Jan 22, 2019

I recently attended Tony Robbins’s live event, “Date with Destiny.” If you’re not familiar with Tony Robbins, he is one of the premier motivational and training coaches, and I’ve wanted to go to one of his live events for a long time! This specific event, “Date with Destiny,” is 7 days of nonstop life-changing training and workshops. It was the most life transforming experience, and today I want to share with you my biggest takeaways and huge aha moments!

If you want to feel fulfilled in your life, you must learn to grow and give beyond yourself.

One of the things that Tony really digs into is what drives you to do the work you do.

Prior to the event I really thought that my top 2 driving forces were significance and certainty.

But oh boy, I was wrong!

When Tony shared with the attendees The 6 Human Drives/Need, it truly shifted my mindset.

The problem with significance being one of your internal drivers is that it causes us to constantly see external validation. We seek attention and also want to feel that we are worthy of that attention.

However, the reality is, not everybody is going to like what we do in our life and business. There will always be critics and negative comments. Because you will never please everybody, significance is a game that you can’t ever win. It can never 100% be truly attained.

My second driver used to be ‘certainty.” We have this need to always have things figured out. To feel secure and that we can and do have everything under control.

But I want to tell you this, certainty does not exist. Nothing in life is certain. We need to step into the realm of faith because uncertainty is the true pathway to opportunity. Uncertainty is where we will experience new things which helps produce new and better results.

What I realized is this, true fulfillment in my work is learning to grow and step towards love and contribution.

So from here on out, I refuse to work from the need for significance and certainty.

Instead, moving forward, I will from a place of love and contribution.

I believe life is calling me for more. And I believe life is calling you for more, too!

Make sure you tune into my new Live Show every Monday - Friday at 12:00 EST on both my Facebook page ( and on Instagram (!

Nov 19, 2018

Let’s talk about Facebook groups. And exactly why you’re not seeing the engagement you would like inside your team, customer, and prospect Facebook groups! What I am going to share with you is what I believe the #1 way to increase engagement inside of your groups!

Why There isn’t much engagement in your Facebook group?

Here’s what I’ve noticed: 98% of the current strategies used by people to hopefully grow their network marketing businesses via Facebook groups is completely ineffective.

Here’s the truth - Most Facebook groups I see solely exist for the purpose of selling and promoting products, services, or business opportunities.

However, if your group exists only for this reason, the people in your community will immediately raise resistance. Most will not only be inactive inside the groups, but honestly, they probably don’t want to even be in the group in the first place!

While people LOVE to buy. They do NOT like to be sold to.

So, I want you to ask yourself: Why does your group exist? What are the problems you want to solve for people?

Instead of only posting product promotions and company events, I want you to really think about what you could post that would truly help people – posts that would add value to people’s lives, help them transform their life, and maybe even entertain them a bit along the way.

People do want to be a part of something bigger! And it is so easier to get them excited about being part of a movement that will change their life vs a Facebook group used to promote a product!

By doing this, you are giving them a reason to show up every day, to be excited to consume the content, and to also engage with your posts by liking, sharing, and commenting!

To learn even more practical strategies and actionable tips that you help you grow your Facebook group engagement, make sure and listen to the complete podcast!

I truly believe as you apply these tips and strategies, you will see the exact results that you’ve been looking for!

Oct 31, 2018

This may very well be the most important episode I will ever record on this podcast.

What I am going to share with you today has been something that I’ve believed to be true for some time now with all my heart and soul.

You’ve heard me saying about the concept of legacy leadership and how it is an assignment, a calling, a vehicle to help you carry out your purpose in life.

But, today I’m going to state in a much different way.

My friend, I want to let you know that there is a much bigger reason why you are here.

Your network marketing business is an assignment from God.

There are two parts in this assignment.

The first part of your assignment is to grow as a person and to face your fears.

It’s critical to understand that you only grow through fear. The fear of the unknown and thoughts like, “What if I’m not good enough?” and “What if I’m don’t look good to others?” are the very thoughts that limit you in fulfilling your purpose. Remember that your greatest fears will lead you to your biggest breakthroughs in life and your business.

In the process of facing your fears, you begin to get insight into the unique gifts that you have inside of you. Gifts that you were uniquely designed to have and that are to be utilized in serving other people on this earth.

I’ll quote from Picasso, “The meaning of life is to discover your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away.”

It is time to shift your focus from yourself to that outward focus of serving others. Facing your fears, growing, and walking through them allow you to be a person of service and impact on the other side. It’s during this process that you and your gifts strengthen and grow.

So stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough, because trust me, you are! God doesn’t create junk!

Sep 11, 2018

Why should you focus on building a team?

It’s pretty simple.

Building an organization is the ONLY way that you will ever achieve TRUE freedom in your network marketing business.

Yes, you can sell products and still earn additional income to assist your family. 

However, true financial and time freedom is only accomplished with a team. Having a team allows you to increase and scale the impact that you can make in the world exponentially. The bigger the team you have, the bigger the impact that you’ll make in your business.  And because money is a reward for the amount of value you give to the world, of course, the more money you will make as well.


The Secret to Motivating Your Team is Leverage

The problem, though, is that leaders are taught to focus on the wrong things in their business.

As a result, they not only struggle growing their business, but they also struggle as a leader.

Here is the secret I want to share with you when it comes to motivating your team – it’s called LEVERAGE!

Leverage is having the power to influence a person or a situation to achieve a particular outcome.

When it comes to creating leverage within an organization, you must understand these two concepts – WIDTH and DEPTH.

Width refers to the people that you personally recruit into your business and this is the first thing that you need to focus when starting a business.

Depth on the other hand, refers to the people that come into your team through the people that you personally recruited. Yes, what naturally happens over time is depth starts to develop but I want you to know that depth is your responsibility. You need to have that “chasing the business” mindset.

As a leader, don’t wait for depth to happen.  Go out and make it happen for yourself. And trust me, when you can build depth in a team it does something very powerful.

Sep 3, 2018

If you truly want to reach your full potential, start failing FASTER and MORE OFTEN

I’ve spoken before about something called the ‘Speed of Implementation.’

This simply means that the faster you take action in business or in life, the more you increase your chances of success.

It’s pretty common for each of us to make up excuses or make up stories as to why we’re not ready yet, like, “I’m not good enough,’….or “It needs to be perfect”.

All of these are really just lies that we tell ourselves to justify not our decision to play small and not face our fear of taking action.

However, you must know that the lessons that we learn through our failures are a thousand times more important to us than any one ‘yes’ or successful result will ever be.


When you push past your fears, you grow as a human being.

One of two VERY important things happen when you take action - you either get the result that you wanted…or you get the lesson that you needed to grow as a human being.

Remember, the greatest gift that this profession has to offer any of us, far greater than all the money in the world, is the person that we become as we achieve our dreams.

This is the paradox of failure!  The more we fail…the faster we fail…the more lessons we learn…the more we grow as a person!  The failure is what makes us who we need to be!

So take action!  Implement faster!  Fail more and more!

Because by doing so, you will uniquely develop to accomplish exactly what you were put on this earth to do! 

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