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Welcome to the Your Virtual Upline podcast hosted by Bob Heilig. This weekly podcast will give you the mindset, strategies, and skills you need to build the network marketing business and life of your dreams. Each week Bob takes a deep dive into topics like leadership, social media, prospecting, recruiting, and so much more! Bob is the founder of ‘The Legacy Leader Movement’, a totally new approach to building a network marketing business. The core values that guide his work, and the messages on this podcast are - faith, love, service, and growth. Join us each week and discover how to tap into the power of this purpose-driven approach to building your business!
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May 21, 2020

Today’s episode is a Case Study of one of our students Kristy Wharton that increased her total team sales from $8,000 in 2018 to over $125,000 in 2019! 

When Kristy first joined the Legacy Leadership Academy in July of 2019 she was really struggling creating any kind of duplication on her team.  She had done a great job personally making sales and getting new recruits, but that success wasn’t translating to her team.

This caused her to really struggle with her own confidence and belief as a leader.  She knew she needed help, she just wasn’t sure exactly what to do.  After joining LLA she immediately knew what her biggest problem was - ONBOARDING.

She did not have a simple system in place for onboarding her new team members.  She took the exact system that we teach inside of LLA, implemented it into her team in October, and couldn’t believe what she saw happen. 

Here team did over 80,000 in total team sales in just the last 3 months of the year!  This brought her total team sales for 2019 to right around $114,000.  That’s a 1,325% increase!!

In this episode I talk with Kristy and she explains EXACTLY what she did to help her create those kinds of results.  If you are someone that’s struggling with building your team, and creating other independent leaders, this is a MUST LISTEN episode!

If you want to register for our free training next week on Onboarding - make sure you click here: 

May 15, 2020

When it comes to Facebook strategy, one of the most frequent questions I get is:

Should I be focusing on using a Business Page or my own Personal Profile?

In 2018, Facebook made a major change in terms of building Page audience that changed everything.

They severely started limiting the organic reach of Business Pages.

As of right now, the only way to build your Facebook business page today is through paid advertising.

However, running ads for NM opportunities and products does NOT  work. It’s a total waste of time and money.

That’s why I recommend you focus on building your personal brand on your Personal Profile and start selling YOU. Lead with LOVE and SERVICE on your social media posts, not selling and promoting.

If you start selling and promoting LESS and start focusing on adding value to people with your content, I guarantee that you’ll start getting more engagement over time.

Text me at (215) 608-1454 and let me know your questions or topics you want me to cover here on future episodes.

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May 12, 2020

Do you ever find yourself stuck and not wanting to move forward?  Or maybe you are just not taking enough action because you’re obsessed over making sure everything looks perfect?

If you answered YES to either of those questions, then you’re trapped in the Perfectionism-Procrastination loop.

I’ve worked with thousands of network marketing leaders, and I now know that the THE biggest enemies on our journey to success are PERFECTIONISM and PROCRASTINATION.

Perfectionists think anything short of perfection is unacceptable.  Perfectionists spin this need as a ‘good thing.’  But, in reality, perfectionism is just a delay tactic….one that’s seen as ‘acceptable’ by society.  But, it’s also one that won’t grow your business. 

If you are a perfectionist, I want you to know this -- perfectionism isn’t just about having high standards. It’s defining your success in such a narrow way of thinking and then punishing yourself for any type failure. Perfectionism, if left unchecked, can kill both your personal and business growth long-term.

And procrastination is actually a BYPRODUCT of perfectionism. WHY?

Because perfectionists fear being unable to complete a task perfectly, they put it off as long as possible. The higher the fear of failure and ridicule, the more perfectionists procrastinate, and this is where the Perfectionism-Procrastination Loop begins.

So, how do you break the Perfectionism-Procrastination Loop?

Well, I cover that and more in today’s podcast episode!  Listen now!

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May 8, 2020

What if you can turn one live video into an entire week's worth of content?

Are you spending hours each week creating ‘new’ content for social media?  It doesn’t have to be that way!

The biggest reason why people struggle so much with creating content for all of their social media platforms is that they have NO SYSTEM.

Social media for many of you has become a full-time job…and it’s taking away from your what will create true results in your business – prospecting and reachouts.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The frustration and overwhelm that you’re experiencing when it comes to social media content ends today. 

In this week’s Biz Tip Friday, I’m going to share my own Content Repurposing System that will save you time from creating content each week.  I’m giving you my personal step-by-step guide to my Live Video Content Multiplier Formula and also the tools and apps to help you manage your content, and much more.

Once you implement this system, you’ll have an endless supply of content for social media.

Trust me, this podcast will literally change your life…and your business!

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May 6, 2020

Ask yourself this: Is social media helping or hurting your business?

In today’s businesses, social media is featured as ‘the solution’ for so many business problems we face. 

Some would go so far as to say that social media IS a business; however, THAT’S NOT TRUE.

I’m not against the use of social media as a tool, but relying on it alone means you are just one algorithm change away from not having a business anymore.

Focusing 90% of your time on attraction marketing, thinking that attraction marketing is the silver bullet to build your business, is actually killing your business.

In fact, attraction marketing has destroyed more businesses than it has actually helped in this profession.

So, what I teach is to begin using social media in a different way than what everyone else is teaching. 

Because, if we don’t start changing the way we use social media and the way we think about it, we are putting the future of our profession in danger.

Network marketing is not a social media or attraction marketing business. Social media is just the front end of the funnel. It is just one of the many ways that you can grow your business.

Think about this: What if one day you can’t use social media anymore?

I truly believe you can still build a business without using social media, because, in the end, network marketing is about core leadership development and business building strategies.

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Apr 29, 2020

This week we dive into a very SERIOUS issue for all of us involved in the network marketing profession.  Just last week the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent warning letters to 10 different network marketing companies. 

These warning letters were a result of distributors making health and earnings claims related to the Coronavirus.  I hate to say this, but I saw this coming a mile away.  I’ve been pretty vocal about how bad we’ve been falling as a profession on social media in response to all of this.  Using this tragedy as an excuse to sell and recruit. 

In this episode I go DEEP into what the warning letter said, and more importantly what this means to every single one of you in this profession.  I actually did an entire YouTube Video on this topic that I’d love if you check out and share with your teams.  Here’s the link to video:

I also share with you 3 things you can be doing right not to help out in this area - to make sure that you are a part of the SOLUTION, not the problem.  This is an unprecedented thing that’s happened for our profession, and you need to make sure you are educated on what’s happening.  The long term viability of your business and this profession depends on it. 

Here is the episode I did on the Love, Serve, Grow Framework:

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Apr 24, 2020

Here’s the secret for you to never run out of prospects ever again….


The truth is people want to join your business because they see you as someone that can help them create a better life – it’s because they get value from you.

When you prospect someone you plant a seed within them.  And that seed has to be tended to, fertilized, and nurtured.

And doing a live video is like potentially watering every seed you have ever planted in your life.

Understand that every time you do a live video, you are cultivating relationships.

But here’s what’s holding you back – your FEAR and the negative thoughts about who you are. 

Here’s the deal, you need to get over yourself and put yourself out there.

You need to begin sharing insights that can help others create results in their lives.

Start with going live just once per week.  And just go live on your personal profile.

Stop focusing on the people that are going to make fun of you. Be confident and know that you have value to offer the world and that there is somebody out there that needs to hear what you have to say.


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Apr 21, 2020

Today’s podcast is a LIVE mindset coaching session with Jocelyn. Jocelyn is one of our students inside my leadership development group, the Legacy Leadership Academy.

She has been really successful at recruiting people but hasn’t experienced significant DUPLICATION in her team. Her team cannot seem to create the recruiting success that she has created for herself.

Jocelyn’s issues are twofold: First, she needs to create a simple, tools-based prospecting system for her team.  And second, which is also the real issue for Jocelyn, is her negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs.

Jocelyn hasn’t reached out to some of her contacts who have a higher level of success because she thinks, “They are better than me.” This inability to move forward and seek guidance is actually an issue of SELF-WORTH.  She feels that she’s just not good enough, and that others are simply more successful than she is.

Join me in this live coaching session, as I coach Jocelyn on how to manage her thoughts, why she needs to stop comparing herself with others, and the importance of getting over the past and focusing on the future.  


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Apr 17, 2020

You need to know this - relationship building with your prospects is not enough.

Since I shared the LOVE, SERVE, GROW framework, where I teach everybody to focus on loving and serving before recruiting, I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that they are already serving their prospects with love, but it is still not producing any results.

Here’s WHY: You’re spending all of your time just in relationship building mode.

You need to go to the NEXT LEVEL. And you go ‘next level’ by adding value to people's lives.

HOW? Share the things that you've learned in your journey - as an entrepreneur or as a leader. If you start sharing the golden nuggets and wisdom you’ve learned, and these things help people improve their own lives, you will absolutely start seeing better results.

My CHALLENGE for you:

The next time you follow up with a prospect and have relationship building as the focus, have a plan. Don’t just make idle chitchat. I want you to go live or reach out to people. If you read a book or learn something in a podcast, share it with your prospects.

Here’s the thing, when people get value from you, you become more valuable to them.

Apr 14, 2020

Today, I’m going to answer the age old dilemma in network marketing – “How do I handle uncommitted people on your team?”

I know as a leader you love seeing people on your team succeed. However, sometimes we can be so desperate that you spend the majority of your time leading coaching calls and motivational spiels with people that aren’t even committed to growing their own business! 

Spending too much time trying to get uncommitted people to be committed is a HUGE MISTAKE.

I want you to understand this:  It is not your job to make your team members successful.

Every minute you spend with someone who is uncommitted to their business is robbing those who ARE committed from your time, leadership, and attention.

When I finally decided to respect my personal time and support the deserving people on my team, I experienced a huge difference in my business. I started seeing my team grow faster and the business became more fulfilling and fun.

The way that you build a legacy business in this profession is by getting really clear on who are the best people that deserve your time, leadership, and expertise. 

Time is the most valuable asset you have.  Give it to those who are committed and deserve it.


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Apr 10, 2020

Did you know that the very best prospects for your business are oftentimes the ones who don’t ‘need’ to start a side business?

Those people are:

  • High income earning professionals
  • Traditional business owners
  • Influential community members
  • People with past network marketing experience

Maybe you are too afraid to reach out to these people because they don’t appear to ‘need’ another stream of income or another thing on their plate?

However, you need to rethink this!

These people have the confidence, belief, self-worth, and advanced personal development to succeed in network marketing. They, in fact, need to be at the very top of your prospecting list!

In this podcast, I’m going to teach you a framework I’ve used in my own business to categorize your prospects into 3 different buckets.

This system will help you find the best prospects faster and discover the hidden gold in your contact list, all while conquering the fear to reach out to those ideal prospects!

The strategy that I share in this episode comes directly from this month’s training inside of my Legacy Leadership Academy. It’s a small piece of our April training called “How to Recruit Business Builders.”

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Apr 7, 2020

Are you looking for a radically different way to think about and approach growing your network marketing business? 

Today, I’m going to share with you the LOVE, SERVE, GROW concept, which serves as the foundation of everything we do inside our Legacy Leadership Academy.

The idea, itself, is simple.  Put LOVE at the center of your business and life and serve others with this thought always first in mind. 

It’s having a mindset that the more you serve - putting other’s interest before your own - the more you grow as a person, as a leader. 

It’s having a SERVICE, not a sales, mindset, and understanding that the more you SERVE, the more you GROW. 

And when I say ‘grow,’ I mean everything grows as a byproduct - you grow as a person, you grow as a leader, your team grows, your income grows, your impact grows, your happiness, joy, and fulfillment in life grows. 

Now is not the time for you to SELL as a profession - it’s the time for you to SERVE.

Show the people in your life that you’re DIFFERENT. Reach out to them and show them that you truly care, not that you’re out to get a new recruit or the next sale.

I’m not telling you to not recruit people if they want to buy and join. I’m just telling you don’t make that your focus.

And trust me, it’s in times like this that people remember more those who cared enough about them and treated them like a human being.


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Mar 27, 2020

Today’s #AskBob episode comes from a question I received on Instagram.

I have the DESIRE to lead, but I’m wondering whether or not I have the ABILITY to do so?  I’m way too hard on myself, and don’t really believe in myself as a leader.  Can I learn, or is it hopeless?

This is something that I know a lot of you are probably struggling with right now.  You hear me telling you that this is a ‘challenge for you to step up as a leader’.  I know most of you have that desire to lead your teams, and be a leader to the people in your life.

But I also know that many of you struggle when it comes to your own confidence and belief as a leader.  Today’s episode I’ll share my thoughts with you on this topic.  It’s something that I’m really passionate about, because for a very long time, I struggled with this same thing.

What I want you to know is that leaders aren’t BORN, and that every one of you has the seed of leadership inside of you right now.  You need to believe that to be true, and you have to be willing to push past your fears and step out there and lead.  That’s the only way you’re going to truly discover that which already lies inside of you.

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Mar 18, 2020

This may be one of the most important messages that I ever share with you.

Amidst the tragedy and chaos that’s going on in the world right now exists the seed of an incredible opportunity. 

What we are dealing with right now in the world is a call to LEADERSHIP. ⁣

You are being called right now inside of your business to be a LEADER.

My advice to you is it should NOT be ‘business as usual’ for you - I want you to shift gears and take a radically different approach.

As a profession right now, we are failing miserably on social media. 

What the world needs today isn’t another sales pitch or marketing promotion - it needs a message of LOVE, inspiration, and HOPE.⁣

If you are a position of leadership - The world needs you right now, get on social media, be visible and be heard...⁣

Now is the time for us to put our own selfish interests aside from making that next sale, and let’s all come together as one, and do our parts to lead the world through this crisis.⁣

Don’t feed the fear that everyone else is peddling, spread LOVE and become a light for others to follow. ⁣

Choose to be a part of the SOLUTION, not someone that feeds into the problem. ⁣

BE THE LIGHT - encourage people through these difficult times, love on people harder than you ever have before, and SHOW UP.

Please share this message with your teams and anyone else you know that’s in this profession.

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Mar 16, 2020

What’s your capacity to HAVE in your life?

Whether you realize this or not, you have been preconditioned to only accept a certain amount of income and success in your life.

I see it all of the time – each of us has this subconscious threshold for money and success.

There is an approximate amount of income you earn that you feel comfortable HAVING.

And once we meet that threshold, odd things start happening in our businesses. 

If your income or results rise above this threshold, you’ll start to struggle with inconsistency, you go into self-sabotage mode, or you find a way to undermine your results.

And most of you (just like me), will get stuck at or around a certain rank advancement or level of results in your business because of this same threshold.

Because here’s the thing you need to know – the amount of success that you’re going to experience is determined by your MINDSET.

The real issue for most of us is that we have LIMITING BELIEFS around the areas of money and success that are holding each of us back from the results we want.

We, whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, believe we can only achieve a certain level success or make a certain amount of money. 

And when we reach that level, our self-limiting beliefs begin to kick in and limit us from moving farther ahead.

We can focus on having the ‘right strategies’ or taking massive amounts of action, but none of these will ever make a difference unless we each address our self-limiting beliefs.  

I want you to become aware of these limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back, and consciously adopt a new set of beliefs that will empower you to raise your CAPACITY TO HAVE in all these areas.

Join me in this episode as I share with you about mindset coaching and how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs.


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Mar 13, 2020

Let’s talk about the #1 mistake people make when training their new team members.

I see this all of the time.  We get a new team member and the first thing we begin doing is TEACHING.

We begin going through ‘the steps’ to building a business, we assign videos to watch, and worst of all, books to read. 

However, the problem with too much information is that you are overwhelming your new team member.  And instead of being excited about the business, they feel bad that they don’t have the time to get all of your assignments done.

Understand this: More teaching and training does NOT equal more results.

So, how should you train a new person? 

Your Onboarding System must help people visualize the transformation that can occur in their lives when they take action and build a successful business.

So listen up as I go deep into the best way to onboard a new team member and also share with you the two strategies you need to be implementing today.

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Mar 10, 2020

You may not want to hear this, but, here’s what I want to say to you…

If you’re not, at the very least, SHOWING UP and doing the work in your business, then you don’t get to complain anymore about your lack of results!

I think what some of you need is a little ‘tough love’ in this area -you need someone that cares enough about you to take a stand for you and your future success.

As most of you know, we’ve created the first ever leadership certification program for Network Marketing in the world - The Legacy Leadership Academy. This program is a 12-month program designed to give network marketers everything they need to create success in this industry. 

And there have been SO many success stories that have come from members of the academy. In fact, some of the students have been guests in the previous episodes of this podcast.

However, with all my efforts – designing the program, producing video trainings, and even creating a mobile app – it’s so interesting to me that some network marketers are posting on social media how ‘stuck they feel’ or ‘overwhelmed they are.’  Because here’s the thing - these are also the very same people who consistently do NOT make the time to show up and do the work.

Here’s your wakeup call -- You do NOT get the right to complain anymore about your 'lack of results' if you aren't willing to show up and do the work.

The true reality is that there are people with the exact same challenges that you have right now; yet those people are making the time and taking action. 

I think it's time for some of you to finally make your success A PRIORITY in your life.

Stop the blame game, don’t fall into the complaining trap, and start taking action.

And the first action I’m assigning to you is listen to this podcast.  Then share it with a team member who maybe needs to hear the same message, too!

You CAN do this.  And I am and always will be your biggest cheerleader!

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Mar 6, 2020

In this episode of Biz Tip Friday, I’m going to answer the question - ‘How do I reach out and share what I do in an AUTHENTIC way, without coming across ‘too salesy’, to people that I haven’t spoken to in a while?’

Here’s the reality – eventually we are going to saturate our warm market and have to reach out to people that we know but that we haven’t been in contact with for a while.

However, out of FEAR, network marketers typically aren’t willing to actually reach out to these people. We are so worried that we might sound ‘too salesy’ or ‘inauthentic.’

However, you must understand that the product that you’re offering CAN change someone’s life.

Therefore, NOT sharing your products with people is the actual definition of being INAUTHENTIC.   

I want you to completely shift your mindset around this topic and know this:

The secret to selling with authenticity and passion is loving what you do SO much that you feel as though you’re doing people a disservice if you don’t tell them about your product.

And here’s the key – make it about THEM and about how this product or business opportunity can transform their lives.

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Mar 3, 2020

Do you ever find yourself working long, hard hours in your business - but for some reason can’t ever seem to create success?

If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, it’s more than likely because you aren’t treating your network marketing business like a REAL BUSINESS.

If you are still in the early stages of your business and you are building, growing, and learning, it’s OK. It can take a lot of work in the beginning to gain momentum while growing your business and team. 

However, if you’ve been in your business for over a year and you’re still not making any money, it’s because you’re treating it more like a HOBBY – and that is not OK.

You have to really be honest and ask yourself – Am I a Hobbyist?  Or am I a REAL business owner?

  • Do you work your business with a plan and a schedule? Or do you work it only when you ‘feel motivated’ and it’s convenient?

  • Do you have a clear vision for your business and how it will impact the world?  

  • What are your beliefs on how money is made? Is it a function of time and effort?  Or is it a function of working smarter, not harder?

These questions and so many more will help you authentically look at yourself and know whether or not you are a hobbyist or a real business owner.

And the answers to these questions will also help you decide where you need to show up differently in your business to change for the better and build the business of your dreams.

So, tune in as I share with you what defines a hobbyist vs a real business owner in the network marketing profession…including the 2 most important things that Real Business Owners do differently than the Hobbyists that help them create long term success!

Don’t forget to download our free PDF -

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Feb 28, 2020

Today I’m introducing a brand new series on my podcast called “Biz Tip Friday.”

While I absolutely love going deep into a topic inside the network marketing industry like I do on my weekly Tuesday podcast, I also understand that many of you are looking for short, actionable pieces of advice that you can implement quickly that give you HUGE results!

In this pilot episode, we cover the topic of following-up with prospects.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making in this area is following up without having a clearly defined next step.

I, personally, used to make this mistake all the time.

I’d go through all the steps: share a 3rd party tool, answer questions, lead them to a phone call with my upline or a presentation.  But, then I’d just leave them out there ‘waiting to make a decision.’ This is a HUGE MISTAKE!!!

What I learned is that when following up with a prospect, you must always have a ‘next step’ for them.

 Understand that closing is not a single event.  It is a process.

Our job is to move the prospect to a predefined next step if they aren’t ready to buy or join.

This ‘exposure process’ creates momentum for the close until they reached the point of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

Remember this - the people that are truly interested will always take the next step. Just let the process do the work!

Check out Legacy Leadership Academy waitlist at We open our doors for new members later this Spring.

Feb 25, 2020

Should you be open and honest about your struggles with your team?  I get asked this question a LOT.  And in today’s podcast, I’m going to tackle the subject most leaders struggle with - VULNERABILITY.

As a society, much of the times we view failures and vulnerability as a weakness.  We think that if we share our most vulnerable thoughts, emotions, and circumstances we are ‘less of a leader’  in the eyes of our team.

As leaders, we feel like we always need to look like we’ve ‘got it all together.’ 

We tell ourselves a false story that those who are vulnerable and share any low points we’ve experienced in building our business become less credible to our teams. 

We associate vulnerability with weakness.  And people don’t follow or trust weak leaders.  At least that’s what we tell ourselves. 

So, instead, we put on this false mask of lies to the world and to our team that we have ALL the answers, that there have never been any challenges in building our businesses, and that everything is easy and great 100% of the time. 

What I want you to realize is this, vulnerability is not only a good idea in your business, it’s actually REQUIRED if you want to truly impact and lead people.  Being vulnerable actually builds a bridge of connection between you and a team member.  It's the ultimate demonstration of strength.

Listen up as I share with you my own story of vulnerability, why it’s important to leadership, and how you can empower your team by being vulnerable.

Check out Legacy Leadership Academy waitlist at We open our doors for new members later this Spring.

Feb 17, 2020

Are you struggling to create strong, independent leaders on your team?

Learning how to become an effective coach is an absolute MUST if you want to build a NM business that someday gives you TOTAL FREEDOM.

As a matter of fact, for many of you this is the missing ingredient to the growth of your business and life right now.

Right now you might be thinking, “I’m a great coach to my team members.  I’m always teaching them new strategies and instructing them how to grow their businesses.”

However, you need to know that there’s a big difference between teaching and coaching.

Most network marketing leaders that I’ve worked with are good teachers, but horrible coaches.

Teaching is mostly concerned with the acquisition of new knowledge and is usually done in a group setting.

Coaching on the other hand is focused on development. It is having the support that one needs to achieve a level of success in your business. 

Personally, in my own business, for a very long time I was stuck. I had so many great people with all the potential in the world fizzle out and I didn’t understand why. What I didn’t realize is that I was missing a critical skill - COACHING.

My inability to be an effective coach to the people on my team was a huge factor in what was holding me back. But once I finally understood all of this and learned how to coach my team..and not just teach…my business and life began to change dramatically.

So, join me in this episode as I share the skill of coaching, how it changed my life and business, and the two key concepts on how to be an effective coach.

Next Level Leadership, my high-level coaching program for successful network marketing leaders wanting to scale their business BEYOND 6-FIGURES, is open now for the first time ever!

Feb 11, 2020

In this new podcast episode of #askBob, I answer 3 questions submitted by listeners, including:

  1. What do you do when you’ve exhausted your warm market?
  2. How do you prospect people on FB you’re connected with - but don’t really know?
  3. What do you do when someone doesn’t respond to your reach out?


What do you do when you’ve exhausted your warm market?

This is a common thing I see where network marketers think that they had already tapped out any opportunity with people they know so they shift to their cold market.

They turn to social media and try to learn attraction marketing, and they end up complicating the entire process with funnels and lead magnets and complex systems. 

Armed with the excuse of “I’ve exhausted my warm market,” I see network marketers think that figuring out how to prospect in the cold market is the answer. 

However, the cold market is NOT the answer.  In this podcast, I dig into my personal opinion on why recruiting in the cold market is not the solution to your ‘burned out warm market’ problem.


How do you prospect people on FB you’re connected with, but also don’t really know?

A bit mistake people make when trying to prospect in the cold market is pitching to people too early in the process.

They talk about their company, business, and product on the first message because they think that it’s secretive and weird to not just share right away.

What we need to understand is that messaging people on social media is the exact same as having a conversation with them face-to-face.

The key is to make your messaging conversational. It's more than you just making a sale; it's you being able to change their life through your products. 


What do you do when someone doesn’t respond to your reach out?

When prospecting, we always seem to assume a negative outcome, like “they’re going to roll their eyes at me” or “what if they talk about me behind my back.” 

It’s these negative scenarios (RED LIGHTS) that we imagine that’s stopping us from reaching out and following up with our prospects.

I want you to learn how to create different and more empowering stories (GREEN LIGHTS).

Build your faith and always assume a positive intent.

If they don’t respond on the follow up, then you need to course correct. Do a different approach like commenting on their posts on Instagram, or like the stuffs they post on social media.

Here’s the thing, it’s all about your willingness to take action despite your fears. The only limitation to creating the life of your dreams and the business that you want is the story that you tell yourself about how it is or isn’t possible. 


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Feb 4, 2020

I’ve seen this a LOT in network marketing. 

You join a company, and there’s excitement for the product and the opportunity.  Your excitement is contagious, and you also work your business consistently, sharing about the products and the opportunity with anyone who will listen.

Your team grows fast!  You have that momentum that every network marketer craves!

And then, things begin to slow down.  Team members begin going MIA and not returning messages.  Your recruiting and team volume numbers begin sliding backwards.

Your team (and business!) is falling apart!

In today’s podcast, I have a live coaching session with Sasha, who has been going through that exact same situation.

Sasha is a brand new member of my Legacy Leadership Academy. She had a fast start in her company and had a lot of success.

However, over the last year things have fallen apart. Leaders left her team, and there has been lots of complaining going on, which resulted to a toxic team environment.

Instead of excited and moving forward, she now feels frustrated, has lost confidence in herself, and feels like she’s stuck in the past. And on top of all of that, she doesn’t have a strong upline that she can lean on for support. 

Join me in this live coaching session, as I give Sasha some key insights on how she can take control over her thoughts and continue building a the team of her dreams!

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Jan 1, 2020

Today is part 2 of last week’s episode where I reveal our brand new ‘Success Path’ that we’ve created for all of you called ‘The 5 Phases of Network Marketing Leadership.’

Do you know EXACTLY where you are at on your journey to success? 

If Point A is the day you joined your network marketing company and Point B is where you want to be – enjoying a life of Total Freedom - where EXACTLY are you at in between those two points?

It is so important that you are clear on EXACTLY where you are in your journey to success.

And that is why I’m so excited to launch the first EVER leadership assessment for network marketing!!

One of the things I’ve always struggled with was our new students never had a way to clearly see the vision of what we’re helping them do.

All the training we do is great, but I started to notice a ton of confusion and overwhelm because there was no simple, clear plan to help them get exactly from Point A to Point B in their business.

So we created the first ever network marketing quiz to help people just like you determine exactly which of 5 stages you are at in your network marketing journey.  Then, we can give you the exact steps and action plan you need to follow to attain Total Freedom.

In this week’s podcast, I share with you more details about the 5 Phases of Network Marketing Leadership and how taking the quiz will tell you exactly which of the 5 phases you are currently in….and more importantly, exactly what you need to do to get to the next phase!

Make sure you and your team members take the quiz now by visiting

Once you’ve completed the quiz, I will email you a page with all of your results. For each of the 5 phases, I’ve put together a specific training plan with a series of actionable steps to help you ‘get unstuck’ and start moving forward.

Also, make sure and join my 4-part live free training series called ‘4 Steps to Creating a Full-Time Income in Network Marketing’ which begins on January 9th.

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